Back to Basics

Happy Thursday! I'm sitting inside my little apartment right now, listening to drops of water fall from the roof from all the crazy rain we've had recently. Today is definitely a day to snuggle up with some coffee and a good book, sitting next to a crackling fireplace. So if I had a fireplace I would do that, which I don't. And I'm also so busy catching up on Twin Peaks reruns to get ready for Season 3's  premier on Sunday as well. Absolutely no time to read. 

 My husband and I have also just finished doing the Whole 30 cleanse. Which I'm sure many of you have heard of and how torturous it is. We actually are really happy we did it, and we are even happier to be done. Tonight we are going out to celebrate!  We are headed to Matt's Bar for their signature Jucy Lucy, and maybe some ice cream afterwards to splurge on all the food we couldn't have on Whole 30. Bon Appetite! 

Here's a look for a casual date or for everyday. I'm all for vibrant colors in your wardrobe, but there's something about a black top and jeans that looks so chic. Having a few quality staples in your wardrobe lends to many outfit options.  This black lace cami (who what wear/target - on sale now for $13.98!) is a piece I wear often and can pair with so many different outfits.  These high waisted Levi's shorts I've been wearing nonstop (urban outfitters) and I paired them with my favorite white Vans.