Eleven 71

I just got back from four days of sunshine and relaxation. We were in the boundary waters, and I find myself coming home with a peace and desire for simplicity.  It's strange because what we were doing wasn't always simple.  We canoed over 28 miles. We portaged our canoes and gear over 2,560 feet.  We had to filter all our water before drinking it.  We had no service.  This lack of service and connection to our phones made time go more slowly.  We didn't always know what time it was.  We didn't have to rush from one thing to another.  We were quiet as we paddled through Pine Lake because the scenery was so beautiful, we had to take it in, in silence.  We took naps in hammocks.  We read.  We laughed as we played cards and Catch Phrase.  We jumped off rocks into the clear water.  We watched a snapping turtle swimming by and a painted turtle lay her eggs.  

Everything went more slowly.   This simple living seems like a fad in our society.  There's a lot of writing about people coming back from this retreat or that conference and wanting to live more simply.  But as I've come home,  I've asked myself how do you keep living simply? I think it's a lot about disconnection. Have you ever had a hard time just sitting without instantly grabbing your phone and scrolling through Instagram? I know I have.  When I was in the boundary waters, I didn't have a choice to disconnect. But now I do. I choose to be more connected in my life by disconnecting more often. It's a little ironic. Disconnect to connect.  To be in the moment. To sit still. To see my blessings. So everyday there's a choice for me to live more simply by disconnecting every day for a few hours. Live more simply. 

There's a brand that I've come to love called Eleven 71.  Eleven 71 is a Minnesota based brand in International Falls. Their owners are Kelly Franz and Katrina Holden. They have great styles as well as Sota clothing and hats. Have you ever scrolled through a website that takes hours to see their clothing, and you only find a few things you like?  It's so frustrating.  Eleven 71 has a concise website, and as I was scrolling through it I found many styles that I love.  In the photos below I am wearing an embroidered top from them that has a beautiful back - tie detail.  I wore it with a belt, Levi's denim shorts, and black booties.  I will link all below as well as some of my other favorite pieces from Eleven 71. Check their website out here at www.eleven71shop.com . 


xoxo, Alyssa