Power Suits

It's Saturday morning, and I'm sitting on the couch with my husband sipping on coffee and writing this post.  We have no plans this morning until the afternoon where we have a wedding of one of my oldest friends. It's so nice to not have a million things to do this morning and just soak up that Saturday morning feeling.  

This week has me thinking a lot about comparison. As a blogger and a person in general, it's so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other people. Anyone else feel me? The thing is when we get caught up in that, we lose our joy and our creativity.  It's so easy to look ahead about where I want to be in life and get disheartened about where I am now. But that's so much a part of the journey.  So this week and every week I'm choosing to be satisfied with where I'm at, but still driven to go after my goals and dreams.  I find that when I'm operating out of this mindset, I'm much more joyful and creative.  That's where I want to be.

So how do I do that continually?  Honestly, it's about reminding myself about who God made me to be.  That I don't have to be anyone I'm not.  But if I try to just distance myself from people/things that make me more susceptible to the comparison game,  then I'm just treating a symptom and not the illness.  The illness needs to be cured so that I can have absolute freedom, and that's what God wants for each of us (who doesn't want that?!).  It also prevents me from being encouraging to the women and men in my life who need it (hello, we all need encouragement).  When a friend of mine is rocking at life, I want to be alongside her cheering her along.  Not caught up in my own stuff, and missing an opportunity to bring joy to her (and actually bring joy to myself too). As long as I remind myself of this, then I shouldn't be jealous or intimidated of anyone because I know who God created me to be.  Although none of us are perfect, and I know I'll need some reminding now and then. Get out of the game (the comparison game I mean). 

Whoo! Long post. But one of the big reasons I started this blog was to be a source of encouragement to you, as well as a fashion inspiration.  I hope this post encourages you today! This look is one of my favorites. It's very retro and bright, but it has such a strong vibe that I love. It's a 70's power suit. I got it from buffalo exchange in South Minneapolis which is a higher-end thrift store. The top I'm wearing is from topshop and is incredibly soft and comfortable.  The t-shirt is linked below.


Have a great weekend loves,


xoxo, Lady LeSavage 


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