Why I started Blogging

For this blog post I'm going to do something a little different different, and share some of the reasons why I started blogging. 

1. Sense of style:  I've always loved fashion and had my own sense of style. Now looking back at some of those old photos, I wouldn't say it was always great but it was my own :) Fashion and style has always been something that has interested me and come naturally. Styling outfits and locations of photo shoots is so creative.  When I'm operating in my creativity, it is the most fulfilling to me. 

2. Creative outlet: I actually have my degree in elementary education. But I've always wanted to do more with my creativity which is what led me to start blogging. There's so much brainstorming and planning that goes into each shoot and orchestrating everything is so fulfilling and fun. 

3. Encouragement: Beyond a creative outlet, I want to use blogging to be encouraging and inspiring to others. So many times we can be discouraged and competitive against one another. Instead, I want to be part of working together and celebrating each other's victories.  We can get caught up in comparison and perfection instead of being ok with where we are now and who we are.  You are enough. Right now. I need to remind myself of this all the time. But I'm a real person with real flaws, but instead of being afraid to show those flaws and things I don't like about how I look it's empowering and confidence building to love myself.  I can do this by showing my photos to the world through blogging and Instagram. I hope others see that and are encouraged to be themselves as well. 

4. Taking risks: Like I said above, I have my degree in elementary education.  I taught elementary school for two years, and although I loved working with kids and did well, I was unfulfilled.  When I looked at the future, I wasn't excited. I was dreading it. Now, this is nothing against teachers, I respect and admire them so much. It had to do with me not using the part of me that I find the most fulfillment from. Creativity, specifically in fashion.  So I decided to go after how I could use my creativity, and this led me to blogging. It's a little scary to start, because I don't know where it will lead. But I do know that I enjoy it so much, and I'm going to chase my dream.  


Thanks for reading and following along with me loves. 

Comment below any questions that you have for me,

and I'll answer them in a future blog post. 



xoxo, Lady Lesavage