Cut Your Hair.

What are the things in life that terrify you? The things you could never imagine yourself doing. Sometimes I think about those things in my life, and I ask myself why? Why am I terrified of ______?  Why does it hold such power over me? 

One of the things that terrified me was cutting my hair.  I was absolutely horrified to cut it off. Cutting your hair may seem like a small thing to you, but to me it was an enormous fear.  After asking myself why cutting something (that doesn't hurt!) scared me so much, I had this realization. You see, I've had long hair since I was in 6th grade.  Because I've had it for so long, it became a part of who I was.  People would always comment to me that my long hair was so beautiful.  People would say that I should never cut my hair because of how pretty it was.  Those comments built upon each other until I thought I wouldn't really be myself without long hair. That I wouldn't be as pretty or desirable without it.

I realized this was the reason I was afraid to cut my hair.  It had become such a part of my identity and femininity. I decided I didn't want something so arbitrary to scare me. I would still be Alyssa with short hair, long hair, or no hair.  But I had to prove it to myself. Did I really believe it? Because belief is followed by action.  Belief without action is just weightless talk.  It accomplishes nothing. 

 So one Friday morning when I had the morning off, I found a salon that had an opening and booked it.  As I sat down in that black, swivel salon chair, I was slightly shaking.  A little from fear. A little from excitement. I was going to do this for myself. It didn't matter what people thought. The scissors snipped, and I saw 10 inches of dark hair fall to the ground.  I didn't ask her to stop. Instead, I smiled. She didn't know, but in this moment I was conquering a fear.  I was challenging the conception of what is beautiful. Because what is beautiful and what is feminine is us. It does not depend on your hair length or any other arbitrary thing.

When she was finished, I stood up from the chair, and I walked triumphantly out of the salon. Somehow, my step was lighter, freer. 



I hope this encourages you, that you are beautiful and wonderfully made.

Don't believe anything or anyone that says otherwise. 

You are beautiful. 


xoxo, Lady LeSavage 


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