I recently got my eyebrows microbladed by Ally at Highbrow Studio in Minneapolis, and I'm in love with them! I had been referred to Ally by a friend of mine.  She talked me through the whole process and answered all of my questions. It can be a frightening thing to have someone change your brows, but she put me at ease with her master experience. Since I've gotten my eyebrows micro bladed, I haven't worn makeup on them at all. It speeds up my morning routine, and she perfected the full but natural look I was going for. No maintenance brows? Count me in.  I've gotten some questions on Instagram about my experience, and I hope this blog post will help you if you are curious about getting your eyebrows microbladed.


1. How long does microblading typically last? So this depends a lot on your skin type, and how your skin takes to the ink. But it typically lasts about 1 year - 3 years.  I'm planning on getting them touched up in a year depending on if they are faded in that time.  


2. Is it possible to have a bad reaction to microblading? It is really rare to have an allergic reaction to microblading, but if you are someone who has highly sensitive skin, (sensitive to topical makeup products, gold, silver, and nickel, or hair dyes) it would be a good idea to request a pigment patch test before getting your eyebrows microbladed.  


3. Does it hurt? This is probably the most common question I've gotten about getting my eyebrows microbladed. Initially Ally outlined my eyebrows in the shape I requested before starting the process.  That does not hurt at all since it is essentially using a pen on your skin.  Then she applies a numbing cream before beginning.  When she starts the process it does hurt a bit.  It is similar to a rubber band snap on the skin.  This is the most painful part of the process, but it doesn't last long, probably about ten minutes.  After that, she puts another round of numbing cream on your eyebrows.  That sits for about ten minutes, and then she finishes filling them in.  This part takes longer, but at this point your eyebrows are completely numb.  No pain at all! 


4. What does the healing process look like? After getting my eyebrows microbladed, Ally sent me home with an instruction sheet on how to care for my eyebrows. You want to wait to get them wet for at least 24 hours.  Then after that, avoid putting them directly under the shower head.  They will scab and feel itchy after a few days, but it's important not to scratch them and let the scabs heal naturally.  At one point in the healing process they will appear faded, but the color will increase over time as they heal and especially after your touch up appointment.  


5.  Why do you need a touchup appointment? After getting your eyebrows microbladed, you will book a touchup appointment which is about 6 weeks after getting them done.  This touchup is needed to allow the ink to fully set in your eyebrows.  This makes your microblading last longer.  


6. How much does it cost?  Depending on who you book with this varies.  I would highly recommend Ally as she did my eyebrows exactly like I wanted.  She charges $600 which includes a free touchup.  They have other staff at highbrow studio who are apprentices and charge less, but Ally is the master microblader. I chose her because I knew she would do an excellent job with my eyebrows.  


Let me know if you have other questions I didn't answer and post it in the comments! 


xoxo, Lady LeSavage